Shady Lane Nursing Home
Clarksboro, NJ

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Hobos set up
for an evening of music.

Cookin' with the Kettles...   >>

Pssst, Bud...
We're getting ready to play.

When's this gig starting?  >>
<< What are we supposed to play first?
Ralph bides his time.  >>
<<   So does Leah.
Jill awaits a conductor. >>

Okay, Steve's here...
NOW we can play!

That's better!  >>
<<   Focus.  FOCUS!

The crowd,
most of them elderly,
and wheelchair-bound,
enjoys listening to the music.

The new amphitheater is a nice touch
for the nursing home.


As dusk settles in,
the rescue squad provided lighting.

Unfortunately, the Hobos' music
had to compete with the sounds
the rescue squad's generators.

The generators were outclassed,
outnumbered, and outplayed!