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Malvern Memorial Day Parade, June 6, 2006

From the top left: our president sitting on his throne; baritone sax player catching some Zs (it IS a heavy instrument after all); one tired trumpeter; brother with tuba and sister; cymbal player waiting for an opening; how did that street sign get in there? Three bearded wonders, one trombone, one smirk; three tired trumpeters a-lying on the lawn; a tootie and a flutie.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for this important event. Some were laid low by the pace and the as-written marches (especially the trumpets). Some even fell asleep (see photos), but the rest was well-deserved. And does ANYONE have a photo of the band coming down the street? Please send it to nagable@comcast.net. (I'm the middle guy of the three bearded wonders above.)