60th Anniversary
Original Hobo Band

July 21-24, 2006
We went to Beautiful Lake George, New York!
For the
2006 Lake George Community Band Festival


Friday was a glorious day!  The drive to Lake George was a pleasure.

The webmaster and his lady took a leisurely route, stopping in Stillwater, NY (just north of Albany) to check out a pair of brass giraffes being sold at a yard sale.

Although they were cute, there was no justifying dragging this pair of animals back home.  Somebody would probably steal them away from the front porch, anyhow!

We hoped the weather would be this nice all weekend for the concerts.

The webmaster liked the rabbit,
but resisted the impulse to buy it.

What would I do with this thing?

A revolutionary war blockhouse in Stillwater, now turned into a museum.

The self-appointed docent talked our ears off.

The entire Hudson River Valley north of Albany is loaded with American History.  I should have paid more attention in school!

Along the way, we stopped by the Saratoga Battlefield Monument.

Recently renovated, the monument is now open to the public, for those willing and able to climb the stairway to the top.

I passed on the climb.


Saturday morning we awoke to RAIN!

Wet, wet, wet!

Those without transportation were at the mercy of the weather gods.  Here we huddle under the porch-like canopy of our motel, waiting for the rain to subside.

How would all the concerts be played in the rain?

The mountains across the road were obscured in the rain clouds.

Would the rain stop in time?

It didn't look that way...

Rain or not, the Hobos remained in good spirits.


Go to Plan "B"

The Lake George High School gymnasium would have to serve as the venue for the band festival.

The acoustics weren't the best, but at least it was DRY!

Here, the St. Johnsbury Band takes "center stage" before the all-bands concert.

On-deck for the all-bands performance.

Jill, Shultzie and "Juniors" Elena and Mirella...

The French Horn section poses for a picture

Shultzie gets a "baptism" by horns.

I sure hope they drained those instruments!

Just waitin' for the concert to begin.

The bands form up for the all-bands concert on Saturday.
All the flautists...
including Jane and Lois.
Sig and Steve...
Bob and Warren warm up.
Plenty of Percussion!
Let's not forget the clarinets...
...and the bones...
...and more bones...
...and more bones...
...and still more bones!
Wait!  Don't forget the tubas!
"Hey... What's that noise?"

Bruce Henderson took his tuba
to the top of Prospect Mountain...
and played for the villagers in town.

Believe it or not, he could be heard all the way down on Canada Street.

On Sunday, the day was bright and fair.
A great day for music!
Even though the weather was very nice,
Shepard Park, where the bands were supposed to play,
was still too wet and muddy...

The gym would have to do again, today.

Hobos in their "rags"
readied themselves for their
Lake George debut.

Would the village ever be the same?

The Hobos performed at noon -- in their "rags" -- to the amazement of the other musicians and spectators.

Sig gives the kettles a workout.
Sig conducts as the
Saints Go Marchin' In.

Janice, Kelly and Jane take a stand;
Lois hides behind Kelly.

Georgie III gives his slide a workout.

The band gets a standing ovation from the spectators.

Hey, we gotta' get a GROUP shot!
Smile for the camera!

Sig accepts a certificate for participating in the 2nd annual Lake George Band Festival.

The Hobo Band is invited to return next year.

On Sunday, after the concert, we had a wonderful evening.
The hobos gathered behind the Super 8 Motel for an impromptu Pizza Party
with plenty to eat and drink.

We were serenaded by "The Friday Night Brass" ensemble

Bellies full,
Lois and the webmaster sit back
and enjoy the evening.
Brian & George and George's wife
sit at one of the tables.
Colleen, Kelly and Larry
Dennis and wife...
The "Friday Night Brass Ensemble"
entertains us with a few selections.
George, Walt, Jill and Nate
perform for the rest of the gang.
Hobos playing for the hobos...
Does it get any better than this?
Ahhhh, sweet serenity.
Harold and wife...
Jerry and his wife...
Jerry and his wife decide to cut a rug
but this rug's made of asphalt!

Well, it was never easy to polka
on carpeting anyhow!

Would observers think we were crazy?

Who cares?

Mirella & Elena
Ben & Bob join them on the log.
Ruth and Joe listen.

Brian finishes his snack.

Ruth, Mike, Joe & Rich
The gang at the Party
The youngsters stay clear of
"the old folks."
Warren's wife, Bill & Marie

"The Queen of America's Lakes"

Will we be there in 2007?

Sincere THANKS to the Following People for Sharing their Photographs with Us:
Bev Williams
Bob Schultz
Lois Broadley