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July 5th, 2010 — Wenonah Independence Day Parade

Hey! Is that a Confederate flag?
I'm tellin' ya yer patch is in the wrong place!
I know I'm supposed to be here, but what am I supposed to do?
Just because you brought your sons doesn't mean you can lead the band, and that's my final answer!
I didn't...I didn't pick...
If you don't give me that drum, I'm not marchin'!
Hey! How did these guys get in here?
"It's a bug." "No, I think it's a bird — it's really big..."
Same fluties, different year.
Yeah, I'm big AND I'm bad!
Saxophones! A whole rank of 'em! Hold yer ears...
Back at Ralph's house —
the Sweetheart Serenaders.
All right, you guys — LINE UP!
When I drop my hand, you're gonna play — I hope.
Is there a mirror around here?
It's a bass drum competition!
Over there, over there, send the word, send the...
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